Asset Management Blindspots? Security Gaps?

Unsure How To Prioritize Security Incidents?

Confusing Severity Ratings?

Here comes the deus ex machina…

SecureX AI Platform

Analyse Cybersecurity Posture

SecureX AI Platform plugs the gaps arising from restricted scope and deployment of the numerous security solutions and products. Our platform performs detailed correlations and analysis of your enterprise and determines security issues. It can scour through the noise of the various security alerts to highlight the high priority ones.

Our Platform

Comprehensive Multi-Cloud and On-Prem Visibility

Analyse Cybersecurity Posture

Proactive Remediations

About Us

SecureX.AI, Inc. is founded by Harry Singh and a team of security veterans who truly believe that there is a gap in a security product that can provide a comprehensive cybersecurity asset posture. Previously Harry co-founded ShieldX in 2015 that revolutionized cloud security.

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Comprehensive Multi-Cloud and On-Prem Visibility

SecureX AI Platform provides the clearest, actionable visibility of multi-cloud and on-prem assets, infrastructures, services, and much more. Our platform uses an agentless approach to continuously discover and monitor your cloud and on-prem environments to provide a comprehensive view.

Deliver Proactive Remediations

SecureX AI Platform can help enforce security with guided policies, proactive remediations for all enterprise assets, applications, users and services, and prioritized countermeasures. It can discover and report non-compliant assets and categorize risky assets and applications.

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